All you have to do is supply your witty words to the many talking heads and give them a voice to converse, to talk or sing to one another, to tell jokes and riddles. It’s all up to you about what they say! Just give them the words they need! Instructions on how to use "Give Me Words" are below.

Remember, you can use the FLIP command in the tool bar box on the Create Comix! page to switch a character to look to the left – this way two characters can face one another.


  • Practice writing dialogue (a great way to use new vocabulary for those learning English). You can use this dialogue for your stories or plays or for real life conversation and experiences.
  • Tell jokes or riddles or knock-knocks.
  • Build stories by having different characters in different comic panels add to the story started by a character in the first panel – ‘’Once upon a time…’’
  • Have the heads sing songs or create new lyrics as each character adds a new line to a song you are writing.
  • Create ‘’He said, she said’’ comic panels in which your characters express different points of view on a subject; this could be useful to practice debating.
  • Express what’s on your mind – the good and the bad, the happy and sad – even the mad.
  • Have characters whisper secrets to one another.
  • Use the talking heads to bounce ideas off one another.
  • Play ‘’Pass it on’’ — create a multi-panel comic strip in which a character whispers a message and see how the next person relays and changes that message as it is passed on from character to character.
  • Email short messages to your friends and family using the  talking head comics you create.
  • Practice a new language you are learning, with a character speaking in the new language and another responding (Remember, allows you to type your dialogue in different languages.).
  • Practice for a interview by having one character ask you questions about yourself and the character representing you gives an answer.   Or, use a head to practice the types of questions you will want to ask the doctor on your next visit. This helps prepare you so you don’t get flustered in the real situation.
  • Choose a talking head to represent you and have him or her talk to you about what’s on your mind or help you think through a problem.
  • Have the faces express a brand new language you have created for yourself and friends.
  • You can also incorporate using the talking heads in the regular comic strips you create at

If you are a student learning new vocabulary, after you fill in your talk or thought balloon why not read OUT LOUD what you wrote? That's a great way to practice using the new words!

We welcome your own creative ideas to use talking heads.  Send them to and if you give us permission we’ll add them to the list.

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