Dear reader,
Not sure what to put in your comic strip story? Use the templates on this page to start making your own comics!

  1. Click on the ‘’Tell-A-Story’’ comic panel below which poses a question prompt that appeals to you.
  2. Your chosen ‘’Tell-A-Story’’’ prompt will then appear as the first panel on the Create Comix! page.
  3. Then, name your comic and fill in the author's name.
  4. Next, add another panel and choose a comic character to represent you and place that character in the second comic panel.
  5. Then type your response to the writing prompt into a talk or balloon for your chosen character.
  6. You now have the beginning of a comic strip which you can keep building if you wish.

You can use the two blank templates on this page to create your own story prompts, too.

And you can also use the comic modules on this page as conversation starters for two-member teams of classmates or friends, with each person questioning the other for their responses. It’s a fun way for people to learn about each other.

There are other ideas for stories in our free e-book, ‘’Something To Write About."  Just click on the cover to download. To share and display your creations in our Comix Gallery, send them to, along with a note giving us permission. Also, build your own Comic Art Portfolio by saving your comic strips online with us (click on SIGN IN TO SAVE ONLINE button on Create Comix! page), or by printing or emailing your comix to yourself to include in your own personal portfolio. You'll take pride in what you will have accomplished at the end of the school term!

Sincerely,You can contact us at with your own ideas.

Bill Zimmerman, Creator of MakeBeliefsComix.

Click on the panel below.HAPPIEST DAY

Click on the panel below.SONG OF YOURSELF

Click on the panel below.STORY OF COURAGE

Click on the panel below.THE MIGRANT’S STORY

Click on the panel below.PET STORIES

Click on the panel below.BULLY'S TALE

Click on the panel below.SCARY STORY

Click on the panel below.HOUSE ON FIRE

Click on the panel below.FAVORITE CHARACTER

Click on the panel below.A SHOCKING STORY

Click on the panel below.UNDERGROUND DISCOVERY

Click on the panel below.YOUR FUTURE

Click on the panel below.TAKEN HOSTAGE

Click on the panel below.MEMORY JARS

Click on the panel below.FLYING AWAY

Click on the panel below.MAKE A MOVIE

Click on the panel below.EXTREME SPORTS

Click on the panel below.IMPOSSIBLE DREAM

Click on the panel below.ENTERING A PAINTING

Click on the panel below.DIARY ENTREE

Click on the panel below.CREATE YOUR OWN STORY PROMPT!

Click on the panel below.CREATE YOUR OWN STORY PROMPT!