Kaimani Kid Example Comic StripHere's a fun and creative way Bev Hunter of Philadelphia uses MakeBeliefsComix to work with her grandson:

"I'm glad you like what I'm creating [a comic book] for my eight-year old grandson with your program. Since he was diagnosed with the brain tumor he has gone through major brain surgery and chemo and radiation treatments. I began the comic book pages so I could send a few strips at a time to try to cheer him up and also keep up his reading skills. (Kaimani loves getting each new episode.) Even within the environment of a fun comic book I can introduce new vocabulary words and famous landmarks around the U.S. and world to stimulate his mind and foster real learning.

"Since he will be homeschooled now for a year with regular chemo treatments continuing, my future plan is to have him respond to my stories by using your comic strips and have the characters tell three facts about the famous landmark, or other interesting places to visit in each country, or find words we use from other countries we visit in the comic book, etc.

"I also save my whole comic book and will continue to on my FB profile and in a Smilebox, as well as making it into a book for my grandson. Thanks so much for creating a stimulating, and fairly easy site to use."

Brain Injury or TumorMelissa Potter, a Recreation Therapist with the Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team (Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney) comments about MakeBeliefComix and students with head injuries.

"What a great idea! This could be used with my clients who have suffered head injuries and are not good at talking/communicating."


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