Hearing ImpairedJennifer Vincent, itinerant hearing teacher in Bartlett, Hanover Park and Streamwood in Illinois, explains how she uses MakeBeliefsComix to help students who are hearing impaired:

  • "I work with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I usually do an activity with students where they can create a comic to show how to cope in difficult listening situations. Together, we brainstorm places where it can be hard to hear and then positive ways to cope with these situations. I give them a blank comic and ask them to draw the situation and what they can do, whether they have to ask their friend to repeat, ask for clarification, or for them to speak louder, etc. I love how this [MakeBeliefsComix] will allow them to create their comics on the computer. 

    "The comics help me talk to them about what they can do in difficult listening situations, but I also ask them to share with their teachers so they can educate others about how to communicate with them."

Here's how Priscilla Shannon Gutierrez, Outreach Specialist at New Mexico School for the Deaf, Gutierrez, Santa Fe, NM, uses MakeBeliefsComix to help deaf students deepen knowledge and better understand another person's perspective:

  • "The three panels are a terrific way to help all children develop an understanding of characters within a story.

    "Using 2 characters within a panel or one of the printables [in the site's Printables section] can help deaf children begin to understand the use of role shift to represent dialogue.

    "Many of the printables provide all children with the ability to tap into their prior knowledge and experiences to develop dialogue, e.g., feeding a dog.

    "Using two characters within a panel or one of the printables can help deaf children begin to develop an understanding of multiple perspectives about a single event.

    "Several of the printables can provide all children with an opportunity to develop an understanding of satire, such as the one showing Leonardo with the Mona Lisa."

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There is another Teacher Resources page on this site which offers 26 additional ideas on how to use MakeBeliefsComix in the classroom. Please give it a try, too.