We hope you will enjoy this new Comic Starters feature. You can contact us at with your own ideas.

To share and display your creations in our Comix Gallery, send them to, along with a note giving us permission. Also, build your own Comic Art Portfolio by saving your comic strips online with us (click on SIGN IN TO SAVE ONLINE button on Create Comix! page), or by printing or emailing your comix to yourself to include in your own personal portfolio. You'll take pride in what you will have accomplished at the end of the school term!

Dear reader,
When my daughter was young I would often place a loving hand-written note in her lunch box or notebook for her to discover later at school and to let her know that she was in my heart. Today, many of us communicate with our friends and loved ones by smart phone. Our new "SEND AN E-HUG" feature enables you to send emailed notes of love and encouragement to your recipients via their phones or tablets. To use:

  1. Click on an E-HUGS comic panel below which poses a loving message which you think will appeal to someone in your life.
  2. Your chosen E-HUGS panel will then appear as the first panel on the Create Comix! page.
  3. Then, name your comic and fill in the author's name.
  4. Click on the EMAIL blue button at the top right and it will take you to the email page where you can fill in your name and the email address of your child. After you do so, hit the EMAIL COMIX button at the bottom of the template.
  5. Your chosen recipient will receive a message saying that you have sent a Make Beliefs comic strip message with a link that he or she can click on to read. Your name will be on the message.

You can also create your own E-HUGS messages by using one of the two blank interactive templates shown on this page and filling in the blank template with a personal message which you can email to someone.  You can find many more ideas for writing E-HUGS by downloading our free e-book, ‘’Words I Wish Someone Had Said to Me as a Kid,’’ or by reading my other book, "Lunch Box Letters: Writing Notes of Love and Encouragement to Your Children". We hope you and your recipients will enjoy this new E-HUGS feature.

You can contact us at with your own ideas.

Bill Zimmerman, Creator of MakeBeliefsComix.

Click on the panel below.BASKET OF HAPPINESS

Click on the panel below.TRY YOUR BEST

Click on the panel below.IN MY HEART

Click on the panel below.TAKE PRIDE

Click on the panel below.HERE TO HELP

Click on the panel below.BIG DREAMS


Click on the panel below.REACH FOR STARS

Click on the panel below.LOVE DEEPLY

Click on the panel below.CATCHING KISSES

Click on the panel below.MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Click on the panel below.ASK FOR HELP

Click on the panel below.GOOD LUCK!

Click on the panel below.MY LUCKY STARS

Click on the panel below.LET’S HAVE FUN!

Click on the panel below.SMILE!

Click on the panel below.SO SPECIAL

Click on the panel below.BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

Click on the panel below.BIG HOPES

Click on the panel below.BE YOUR BEST SELF

Click on the panel below.CREATE YOUR OWN E-HUG!

Click on the panel below.CREATE YOUR OWN E-HUG!