As part of our goal to help young  people express their ideas and take part in the national Presidential Election campaign, today adds two new characters who can be used in your comic strips – President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden.  Our web site takes no political position on the campaign; rather, we offer  the two key political characters as a way for you to debate the key issues of the day as you fill in your comics’ talk and thought balloons with text expressing your ideas.

 As with most political  cartoons, the comic strips you create can be humorous, sarcastic, snarky or serious and tell a story.   Use the Trump-Biden characters to debate key political issues. But first get in the mood,  and think of the two candidates getting together in your school cafeteria to exchange ideas and comments over a cup of hot chocolate.  It is your job to put words in their mouths:  What would the two Presidential candidates say to each other?  What thoughts might be going on in their minds?   What are they thinking to gain advantage one over the other. What do they really think of one another?

Please add ''healthcare'' to the list of debate topics

To help you, here are a few topics for debate and use in your comic strips:

.How do deal  more effectively with the Coronavirus pandemic

.How to revive the economy and put people back to work

.Improving the educational system

.Three top priorities for the next four years

.Improving the Supreme Court?

.Improving racial relationships, stopping violence, ending fear mongering and the use of deadly force by the police against African Americans

.Law and order

.Uniting the country and stopping polarization

Set your own debate topics

 We would like to publish some of the comic strips you create over the next several weeks as the candidates debate the key issues.  Send your comics to billz@makebeliefscomix and include your first name to identify you.   We also welcome your suggestions for other characters whom our artist Tom Bloom can create for your use.  Have fun! What do you think of this?

 Here is text for the new three-panel comic on the home page:

First panel:  Shows Trump and Biden figures in suits;  caption at top of panel says:   FOR WEEKS THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN  PREPPING FOR THE UPCOMING DEBATES.   WHAT WILL THEY SAY?

2d panel shows Trump thinking, I’m going to beat Sleepy Joe, I know I can.

3d panel shows casual Biden with face mask thinking, If I can’t make him look bad on the job he has done so far, then I don’t deserve the presidency.

Toby, at the bottom right of the third panel, place the TO BE CONTINUED panel.