We heard you! Many educators and students have requested the ability to be able to save a comic strip electronically so that students can build on what they create. Now Comic Creators can create a user account with just a user name and password in order to save their comix and return again to continue to edit and add to their creations. This can be useful for Comic Creators who want to create a portfolio of comix or a comic series for ongoing adventures of favorite characters and story lines.

Providing an email address is optional but recommended so that the users can regain access to their accounts in case they forget or lose their password. MakeBeliefsComix does not allow any outside parties access to our any of our users' information.

REMEMBER COMIC CREATORS...You do not need to establish a Comic Creator account in order to save a comic to your computer or print and email your creations to friends & family. However a Comic Creator account will allow you to save your comix, go back and edit comix (at any time) and build a library of your Comic Creations. SEE THE DEMO BELOW ON HOW TO ESTABLISH A COMIC CREATOR ACCOUNT!

  • If you need to save your comix to work on again at a later time, then click on the "PRINT-EMAIL-SAVE" link on the upper right.
  • If you have not yet established a user account with MakeBeliefsComix or you have an account but have not logged in, then click on the "SIGN IN TO SAVE ONLINE" button right above your comic.
  • When the log in box appears, input a user name or email address and a password. Please remember that submitting an email address is optional but submitting an email address allows will users to re-set a lost or forgotten password.
  • Once you are logged in with a user account you can save your comix on line and come back at any time to edit and grow your comic library.
  • Once you have established a comic creator account with us you can click on the "Retrieve" button on the upper right to load any one of your comic creations into the page to work on.
  • Select the comic you wish to work on and it will load into your page exactly as you left it the last time you worked on it. Remember you can now build comix with up to 9 panels of characters, objects, conversations and stories. Now with the MakeBeliefsComix save and retrieve function you can create your own graphic novels and keep them all in your Comic Creator Library on line.