The Colorful Story of How Bill Zimmerman Used Comic Books to Teach Students All Over the World

 A new book has been published titled ”’Late Boomers: Inspiring stories about people who’ve done life-changing things later in life” and which includes a chapter about Zimmerman, creator of, and his efforts in growing this web site.  Tbe book, by Jeri Bernstein, can be purchased at 


Here’s an excerpt from Super Hero

As a child, Bill Zimmerman was obsessed with comics.   He devoured them. Matter of fact, he rarely had a meal without a comic book next to his plate!  His favorite day of the week was Sunday when his father would venture out of their Brooklyn home and return with breakfast and an armful of newspapers.  ”I would grab the papers from him and pull out the comic sections,” recalls Bill.  ”I fell in love with the color and the characters. Comic strips allowed me to enter a new world.’